Day 1

This is the post excerpt.

Hello ,

Let me introduce myself quickly, I am Siddhika Awle, I am an aspiring writer. In the hopes of being top notch one fine day. 

I recently quit my job because it was making me super unhappy. Probably because it’s not something I wanted. 

I am a total romantic fool and seem to jot down my feelings which somehow turn in to these cute little poems. Well now you can be the best judge of that!!! 

Let’s start you up!! 

This is one of my first attempts. 

It’s called,

 Let me in

Let me kiss away your sorrows,

Let me kiss away your pain.

I can hold your deepest secrets,

If you promise to do the same.

I will look beyond your beauty,

And I will love all your flaws. 

I will dissolve in you forever, 

Even if it’s a lost cause.

I cannot promise you just the good days,

But the bad ones won’t be so bad.

If you choose to spend your life with me,

I promise you will be glad. 

It is not always feathers and sunshine,

Sometimes it will be grey.

And even in that darkness,

You shall be happy to stay. 

I will share my bed with you,

And every morsel that I eat.

I will always let you win, 

And happily accept my defeat. 

You will be my sugar and all the spice I need,

I wish to spend a lifetime,

With you my dear,  my sweet.

Siddhika awle.


My eyes hide secrets, behind the boundaries of its kohl. 

Don’t be surprised if I come across too bold. 

My dreams flow in the silhouette of my careless hair, 

Don’t think I am powerless if I am not fair. 

I carry the heat of the earths core in my womb, 

There is fire that re creates life and that also sets a tomb.

As fearless as I am, I also have a weakness. 

I wish to be loved, with ingenuity and in sickness. 

I drape my confidence in a Saree and it increases in shorts.

I can bake you in the oven and beat you in the courts. 

Don’t test my simplicity, simple doesn’t mean harmless, 

I may not be the queen, I am still a countess. 

Don’t mistaken me for normal,  every lady is fierce and brave. 

If she can show you to your cradle,  she can put you in your grave.. 

For my soul sister

You found me when I was a lost little puppy,
I was alone and scared, but I got lucky.
You held me close to your heart,
And loved me from the start.
I have given you tears,
Baby these were my biggest fears.
I didn’t mean to make you cry,
I promise to be by your side.
If only you forgive me,
For not sharing your pain with you.
If only would you share,
All the things that make you blue.
I have been so stupid, I have been unaware.
What I have with you my darling,
It’s the rarest of the rare.
You are more than a friend and a soul sister too,
These feeling I have,  I only share with you.
I know it’s tough, to survive a loss.
I have been through it, my senses went for a toss.
But you are not alone in this, if you give me a chance.
You know that I love you,
I know that you do too.
So please just come back to me…please do

The one.. 

What makes you perfect is the heart you have, 

And the cute dimples that show everytime when you smile. 

What makes you beautiful is the humility you carry,

And the way your eyes shine takes away all my worries. 

What you have given me is unexplainable,

For once in my life I have the perfect cards on my table. 

This drowning in your love has saved me in life,

I can’t thank you enough for killing this never ending strife. 

You have shown me its okay to open up and wear my heart on the sleeve, 

You showed me a reason to stick around and not leave. 

How can you carry so much beauty in your soul,

Thank you for filling me up with joy, and for my heart that you stole. 

My glass was always empty, broken it had seemed,

You are everything I wanted and everything I dreamed. 

I close my eyes and cross my fingers behind my back, 

Hoping and praying what we have remains intact. 

I promise to smother you with all the love that I can, 

Finally I found the one that I can call my man. 

Love drops


One monsoon morning my heart was no more beating for me,

i felt a bit amiss, but there was no where else i could be.

No matter how controlling i had been,

i was no more the commander of my heart.

How soothingly love takes away all your power,

makes you a puppet and you play the part.

Although i feel powerless,

there is something about this loss.

It keeps me astounded how my heart went for a toss.

Of  how my world became a limit,

in the beautiful rims of your eyes.

And how my heart kept rustling,

in the winds of the monsoon’s rise.

The more i tried to look away,

the more i kept caving in.

Becoming a victim of frivolity.

it wasn’t somebody who i had been.

I suppose it is love, it may also bee an attraction.

Who knows how to figure it out, things changed in split of a fraction.

I had locked my heart and thrown away the key,

i thought in love, i could never be.

But life had other plans for me,

it opened my eyes so i could see.

I could feel the warmth of this world in your arms,

and i could sing along with your piping charms.

And follow my dreams with my hand in yours ,

and let the energy takes its course.

it opened my eyes so i could see,

that this life isn’t a bad place to be.



Happiness is you !!

I collect tiny little shells, and light candles of hope,

and surround myself with stardust, so one day i may fall in love.

I carry a little magic in my heart, and hide its mystery under my coat,

and carry the wind with my hair, so the ship finds its shore.

I carry dreams in my eyelids, if you look deeper you may see.

I shy away when you look, i am afraid you will set me free.

My dreams shall become yours, and my heart shall beat for you.

All those years in waiting, the anticipation bids adieu.

I know its to soon to say.. but i think it is love.

And i am so glad to have found you.

My mind is no more empty, its filled with the thoughts of you,

i didnt know happiness has a colour, it has a beautiful hue.

Hiding within the blush of my cheeks, and the pop in my eyes.

Your arrival in my life is the perfect roll of dice.

You cannot fathom how far i wandered,

looking for a chance to feel this way.

Although i had all the worldly things,

my heart felt grave dismay.

The beauty of this world had no meaning,

and the colours always seemed dull.

The flowers, all had the same fragrance,

and love never knocked at my door.

And now it is all so different!

A tiny butterfly charms me.

The mirror makes me shy,

being away from you alarms me.

I almost feel ill die

My world has changed in a second,

i found love in you and also a friend.


I have received more than i ever asked,

i got a fairytale and now forever it shall last….


I love you










The only way is up!!!


Most of my life was spent reading between the lines,

i erased some of the meaningful things,

i certainly had lost my spine.

There is more to this monochromatic life,

there is more color beyond the lens.

Not everything in life to us,

has always made greater sense.

The things we do, to feed this superficial ego

inside we all are the same and we all bleed indigo.

I accept no more, these thoughts of weaving pretense.

that drags me too far, away from my sole existence.

I refuse to wear this disguise,

i am uncomfortable being the normal.

I may not fit in, but i refuse to be all formal.

Your needs from me differ from what i want from myself.

I am no longer available to cater at your dispense.

You have build yourself, from the blocks that made my soul.

Displacing my insides, you left me face down to the world.

Your judgement despises me but it cannot hold me down.

I may be broken for a while, i will never be bound.

I will always test my limits, and pounce at every whistle.

You broke me down this one time, you can break me down the second.

I will never back down, not now not till the end.

There is a storm silently cooking, beneath this calm attire.

Despite of all the curve balls, the rage remains the same.

These feeling will only retire.

With a kiss of long longed fame.

His grace.. 

Look inside my darling, the heaven rests in your heart, 

It all begins with braveness and the faith you hold from the start.

The pristine is what defines you, and holiness you are, 

The rain is in your blood streams and the thunder is just a part. 

The happiness beholds you, the answer just awaits, 

Beneath all your layers, love wins over the hate. 

Breathe the fire that burns inside you, 

Be the dragon that you are. 

The journey is filled with obstacles, 

You always win, just travel that far. 

Your roots are old but strong, they hold the golden reins, 

You are the child of god, his presence run through your veins. 

Hold his word against yours, in times of fear and distress, 

Always be who you are, there is nothing to impress. 

The writhing in the cuts will always heal for sure, 

You may only ask once and you shall find the cure. 

What is hurt and shame, its only a mere delusion,

It only proves you are human,  a god’s perfect illusion.

With pain he only teaches, so you learn from your mistakes, 

With happiness he helps you, to get your worthy brakes. 

We are but mere seedlings, in the plans of his mighty grace. 

We may not live in discomfort even when lost in the maze. 

His journey was never easy, he fought for a better tomorrow.

We may only ask, and he shall fight against our sorrow. 

His help is always righteous,  so travel with right choices. 

Close your eyes in prayer, his guidance comes in voices. 

Humble your head in acceptance,  and speak only the truth.

Your path will be enlightened, with his music of his flute.